This is the use of fine needles (sterile and single use) inserted at specific locations on the body known as acupuncture points, found along specific lines called meridians.  The treatment consists of a 10 minute consultation to ascertain your suitability and the points required and then a 30 minute treatment.

During acupuncture the combination of ways we use these points and this map are:

1. Stimulating the bodies own pain relieving pathways and the production of the chemicals required to ease that pain

2. Releasing areas of tightness and stiffness in connective tissue, so that the local cell processes such as metabolism, signalling and gene expression can happen in a healthy way and therefore the body is optimised.

Conditions commonly treated by acupuncture include: Neck pain, Shoulder/Arm pain, Back pain, Knee pain, Headaches / Face pain, Persistant pain states and Stress / Anxiety.

This is the use of sterile and single use fine needles inserted into specific muscles which have been assessed to be causing pain or movement dysfunction. The treatment consists of a 10 min consultation followed by a 5 minute physical assessment and then 20 minutes of treatment with needles. During this time the needles may then be moved gently in and out to release the muscle or just left in place, dependent on client choice.

Dry needling works by:

1. Touching on the junction between the muscle and its nerve to illicit a response to release the spasm (continued contraction) of that muscle.

2. Reducing the tightness of connective tissue to allow the normal physiological process to occur (cellular signalling & metabolism etc ), renewed blood flow and the nutrients cells needs to return to healthy states i.e the Oxygen required to create energy (ATP) which is required to release an unnecessarily sustained muscle contraction.

Conditions commonly treated include: Overuse injuries  &  stiffness from sports i.e. running, boxing, swimming and cycling

NB: This treatment is recommended once a diagnosis and therefore area to be targeted has been made through physiotherapy i.e patients will have dry needling during a physio appointment or having had physio in the past and know what they need but are want regular management.

Woman Receiving Acupuncture